All creative solutions are a process of discovery...

that requires trust and dialogue. Solutions are not always easy, and the interchange between medium, technology and visual language is not always clear. New Vision Design works to understand this convergence and to articulate the full potential of every project.

Creative work should have an energy and freshness of approach that makes the client, audience, and designer excited and engaged. We focus on developing smart, successful ideas and on maintaining the highest level of inspiration and sophistication from project to project.

Whether on screen, in print, or in the space between the two, successful design solutions require a balance of innovation and pragmatism based on knowledge, experience, and the drive to do more. At New Vision Design, striking this balance is the foundation from which we operate.

Our Distinguished Partners


Established in 2005, Matteo Studios handles all of our custom garment orders, from embroidery to silkscreening. We trust them emphatically to help us produce garments that our clients are proud to distribute to their respective audiences.


Mosaic is a small integrated brand communications company based in Silicon Valley specializing in retail and environment displays. Mosaic works with a wide range of global, national and regional clients to provide brand focused retail, environment and trade show displays.


The Velocity Group is one of our premier partners for trade show exhibits, environments and events. We've helped develop creative for a variety of Velocity clients, and they've helped many of our clients with national and international events. It's a win, win scenario!


Doors can't open on a new construction project until the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) are in place. Since 2002, Brinq employees have had experience managing FF&E installation for several multi-million dollar housing and hospitality projects. We've worked with Brinq not only to brand their company, but also to help brand their clients.


Cyclonix designs, fabricates and manages exhibits, events and environments for companies such as Specialized, VMware, Citrix, and, to name a few. We've partnered with Cyclonix on numerous projects since their inception in 2006.